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Zanussi Door Shelf Dairy Lid 2244089039


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Zanussi Door Shelf Dairy Lid 2244089039

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Door Shelf Dairy Lid for Zanussi Fridge Freezers

Part Code 2244089039

Door Shelf Dairy Lid To Fit Zanussi Fridge Freezers models as listed

CZC16/9FA, CZC17/6A, CZF145W, CZL145W, CZX165SI, CZX165W, Z56/3W, Z52/6W, Z56/3SA, Z56/3SI, Z56/3SR, Z56/3W, Z56/3W, Z57/3SI, Z57/3SR, Z57/3W, ZA23N, ZA23S, ZA23W, ZA23Y, ZA24S, ZA25A, ZA25BL, ZA25N, ZA25PW, ZA25S, ZA25Y, ZA33S, ZA33Y, ZC244R, ZC245P, ZC245R, ZC245RM, ZC246R, ZC246R1, ZC246R3, ZC247R, ZC247R1, ZC260R, ZC260R2, ZC260R3, ZC85L, ZCR85L, ZD16/3R3, ZD16/5R, ZD17/5RM, ZD18/5R, ZD18/6R, ZD19/4R, ZD19/4R1, ZD19/4R-1, ZD19/4R3, ZD19/5DAC, ZD19/5R, ZD19/5R3, ZD19/6DAC, ZD19/9DAC, ZD20/5R, ZD20/5RM, ZD20/9R, ZD21/5RM, ZD23/5R, ZD23/5R3, ZD23/6R, ZD24/6R, ZE76/3W, ZEBF250W, ZEBF262W, ZEBF277W, ZEBF290SI, ZEBF290W, ZEBF310, ZEL160W, ZENB250SI, ZETF235, ZK17/7AGO, ZK17/7AO, ZK17/7ATO, ZK17/7GO, ZK17/7R, ZK18/10R, ZK18/7, ZK18/8R, ZK18/8R3, ZK18/9AGO, ZK18/9R, ZK18/9R3, ZK19/7AGO, ZK19/7R3, ZK19/8R, ZK19/9R, ZK20/8DAC, ZK20/8R, ZK20/9DAC, ZK20/9DAC3, ZK20/9R, ZK21/6, ZK21/9RM, ZK25/9RM, ZK47/52RF, ZK56/38RF, ZK56/48R, ZK56/48RAL, ZK56/52RF, ZK59/32R, ZK59/32RF, ZK60/30RM, ZK61/27R, ZK61/27RAL, ZK61/28R, ZK61/28RN, ZK62/23RF, ZKR59/39R, ZKR59/39RN, ZKR60/30R, ZL58W, ZL75W, ZL95W, ZT160R-1, ZT164R, ZT164RM, ZT165R, ZT165R, ZT165R-1, ZT165RM, ZT170R-3, ZT174PGO, ZT174RM, ZT175PGO, ZT175RM, ZT185R3, ZT56RAL, ZT56RL, ZT57RM, ZTR57R, ZX55/4SA, ZX55/4SI, ZX55/4W, ZX56/4SA, ZX56/4SI, ZX56/4W, ZX57/3 W, ZX57/3SA, ZX57/3SI, ZX57/3W, ZoppasPT15X

Door Shelf Dairy Lid To Fit Zanussi Fridge Freezers