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Vacuum Cleaner Spares and Parts

Spares and Accessories for your Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuum Cleaner Spares

Vacuum Cleaner Spare Parts

At C and M domestic we stock hoover and vacuum cleaner parts for all the top manufactures such as Dyson, Hoover, Electrolux and more. A wide range of vacuum cleaner parts held in stock for Cleaners which include brushes belts and hoses which can be usually be dispatched within one or two days and these will show prices that include vat and free post and packing to all UK post codes on all spares

Upright or Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners,

All vacuum cleaners whether they are the cylinder type or the upright carpet sweeper type work the suction created by a vacuum cleaner's motor which drives a rotating fan blade attached to the motor shaft creates a flowing stream of air moving through the intake hose and out of the exhaust grid. The moving air particles will carry any loose dust or debris as they move, and if the debris is light enough and the suction is powerful enough, the friction carries the material through the inside of the vacuum cleaner and into the bag . Upright vacuum cleaners and some of the more expensive cylinder ones will also have rotating brushes , which kick dust and dirt loose from the carpet so it can be picked up by the suction of air into the cleaner.

Keeping Filters Clean

The paper or synthetic material bag and the filter will have a big influence on this air flow and therefore on how efficient the cleaner picks up the dust and debris which means keeping an eye on how full the bag is and how clean the filters are to prevent a loss of suction, some filter are difficult to clean by the way they are constructed and need to be replaced on a regular basis. Many of the new cleaners are now bag less and the dust and debris is deposited into plastic container and despite the claims of one major manufacture that there is no loss of suction if you don’t clean the filters or replace at regular intervals there most certainly is.

Vacuum Cleaner Spares and Parts

Spare Parts for Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaner Spares for most makes and models, Parts for upright and cylinder products which include Switches, Brush Rolls and Belts

Belts for Vacuum Cleaners